Interior Paint Project

Zack's Painting crew has found through experience that a systematic approach to interior painting helps us to deliver a quality interior paint  job. Below are the general steps we will take on your interior painting project. Your situation may vary depending upon your needs as outlined on your Proposal.

Set-up - Items are placed in the center of the room and covered with clean, new plastic sheeting. All floors are protected with drop cloths.

Prepare - Based on your requests, holes and cracks in ceilings and walls are filled; stains are sealed and surfaces are scuff sanded.

Paint - Repaired areas are primed and premium quality paint is applied to a uniform finish.

Clean - Furniture and accessories are moved back to their desired locations. Floors and carpets are vacuumed and swept. All of our tool / materials are removed.

Inspect - After our own inspection, you are invited to inspect our work and asked to complete the online feedback for Zack and his crew. Touch-up paint is always left on site and dated for future projects.

Can't Decide on Colors?
Zack helps you pick which paint color & sheen that will best fit your interior painting needs. A professional painting color chart on site will ensure the perfect color choice for your interior painting project.

Sheens - Paint "sheens", or degrees of the paint's glossiness.
Traditionally, paints with a higher sheen are more durable & easier to clean than those with a lower sheen. However, a higher sheen can show more imperfections on your interior surfaces than a paint with a lower sheen. The range of paint sheens is as follows: flat paint (no sheen), eggshell paint (light sheen), satin paint (medium sheen), semi gloss paint (glossy sheen), gloss paint (high sheen). This can vary with different paint manufactures.

Fences Page

Aluminum and PVC fences and gates are a great choice for your home or business. Modern Paint and Powder-Coat finishes make it virtually maintenance free. It's ideal for child safety / pool fencing and security fences. If you want the classic appearance of wrought iron without the extra care, we can install sturdy aluminum fencing or PVC fences which are excellent choices.

Zacks crew can also install commercial and residential  ornamental steel picket fences and gates.  These fences are available in a variety of styles, colors and heights.  A steel picket fence can add beauty and value to your property while increasing security.

Tiles Installation

This information is designed to outline the tiling installation procedure.
We are experienced in all aspects of tile preparation and installation.The adhesives, grouts, silicones and waterproofing system we use, are guaranteed to last you a long time when applied in accordance with manufacturer's directions and tiling practice.
Tiling is normally scheduled after interior decoration and before carpet laying.


♦ Ordering of Tiles:
We recommend selecting tiles at least 2 months prior to the tiler starting the job, as shipments can sometimes cause delays in tile stock arriving on time, or tiles can be deleted and no longer be available. At the time of tile selection, ask the retail shop to check availability with the importer. When ordering tiles, allow the tiles to arrive at least a week prior to job commencement, in order for them to arrive on time, for delivery to site, or collection from shop by tiler.
♦ Clear any furniture, appliances, etc from the area to be tiled
♦ Vacuum or sweep area so it is dust free
♦ Any existing flooring , Carpet, vinyl and residue adhes ives are removed to the tiler's satisfaction - unless this has been specifically quoted as preparation prior to tiling.
♦ Arrange for underfloor heating to be installed and screeded, allowing 1-2 days for curing, before Tiler commences tile installation.

♦ Trims need to be considered:
Chrome Round Edge trim or L Angle Aluminium trim for the wall tiles are available in either a matt or shiny finish. The thickness of the tile, together with an allowance for adhesive, will determine the size of the trim from 6mm up to 22mm. Depending on stock availability, time may have to be allowed for ordering and delivery of trims from supplier. The tile retailer or tiler can advise what size trim is suitable for your selected tile.
♦ Grout colours and size of grout lines need to be considered:
- Floors; we use neutral grey grout unless another colour is specified, as it is an easy colour and wears well. We strongly advise against light colours on the floor, unless the grout lines are sealed after installation.
- Walls; these will be grouted to match the tile ie. White tile, white grout, or in a neutral grey colour.
Grout charts can be supplied for colour selection, and some need to be ordered in advance, if not a stock item.


♦ Tilers require access to water and electricity
♦ Cutting, especially using a grinder or wet saw can be noisy, dusty and will usually be done outside or possibly, if wet, in a garage area
♦ When the tiler is tiling, especially floors, it is preferable that other tradespeople are not obstructing his work area
♦ Floor tiles should not be walked on for 24 hours after being laid. This allows for the adhesive to set properly. Some adhesives may take longer to set, which your tiler will advise.
♦ After the tiles have been grouted, you will need to stay off the grout lines until cured.

♦ There may be some grout residue left on the tiles after the tiler has left. This can be buffed off with a dry cloth. If the tiles have a matt finish, the residue may be more stubborn, but will come off with two capfuls of methylated spirits, a few drops of detergent in a bucket of warm water. (Initially this could take a couple of washes with a mop) Diluted Salts with water can also remove the most stubborn residue.
♦ Grout sealing - this is recommended for wet areas ie. Showers, kitchen floors and around kitchen benches. Sealing the grout repels staining from food, dirt and grease and inhibits mildew and bacteria. We recommend that clients apply sealer to the grout once it is fully cured (2-3 days).


♦ We will silicone in a matching colour to grout, between walls, floors and internal corners. If these areas are grouted, the grout will eventually crack and fall out.
♦ Flexible adhesive is used on all new concrete floors to minimise tile breakage from any possible movement from concrete floors cracking.


♦ Toilet Pans - If a toilet needs reinstating, this is the owners care and you may need a book the services of a plumber to do this.
♦ Rubbish Removal - the offcuts of tile, cardboard boxes and any existing flooring that has been lifted eg. Carpet & vinyl, are the client's property and disposal is assumed the owner's responsibility. However, please advise the tiler if you would like any tile rubbish removed.
♦ Refixing carpet - a carpet layer will be required to refix carpet at doorways.
♦ Labour for floor preparation - this can be quoted as an estimate of time allowed.
♦ Quantities calculated in quotations include a tile cutting wastage percentage (usually 10-15%) depending on the size of the tile and pattern layout. However, the final layout can determine whether there is a difference between tiles installed and the original quotation, therefore a surplus or deficit, still may occur.
♦ We recommend owners keep spare tiles of the same batch, in case of future requirements, as tiles are deleted from time to time, or colours and design may alter significantly from batch to batch.


We specialize in all phases of interlocking concrete pavers from design to full installation services. Concrete Pavers are an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications,  from driveways to pool decks, promenades to street scape's, and from gardens to golf cart paths, plus so much more!  Concrete Pavers are environmentally friendly too because they are impervious to water allowing water absorption into the ground below reducing or eliminating erosion.

Concrete Pavers come in literally an endless number of styles and color possibilities, and are manufactured to look like naturally occurring stone.  Concrete Pavers can compliment with existing landscaping to deliver beauty to any property. Concrete Pavers are low-maintenance and offer low life-cycle costs better than any other paving products such as Asphalt, poured concrete, and stamped concrete.

With Concrete Pavers repairs can be easily made to just the effected area eliminating the need for a complete overhaul. We take pride working with home-owners, custom builders and architects alike.

Wood Floors

Hardwood Services

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinish an old floor and make it look new. Zacks Flooring crew will sand & refinish your old wood floors, make them look like new again, hardwood floor sanding & refinish is the way to go if you think your hardwood floors are still in good shape.
Hardwood Flooring for less is our specialty! Wood floors stain a very affordable way to change the look of your hardwood floors. We have over 24 wood floor stains to choose from.

We Love Refinishing Hardwoods!

Refinishing Hardwood floors is something that we love, we would love to Refinish your old wood floors and give them life once again! check out our hardwood floor refinish galleries or our before and after flooring galleries, our hardwood floor refinish rates are among the lowest in the area. Are you looking to refinish you hardwood floors. You have come to right spot . Let  Zacks Home Improvement refinish your floors now. You have found the perfect company for your new floors contact us today and start your wood floor sanding today!. Our prices are the lowest whether you are doing a hardwood installation, sanding an old floor in, NJ, Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island or Manhattan  no matter where in the tri state area, our work speaks for itself. Also check out what our customers are saying on our testimonials page.
Want to find out how much to pay for your wood floors sanding & refinish in the tri state area? Call Zack now and get our professional flooring installers work for you.

Choosing your Floors

Once you have decide what kind of hardwood floor is right for you, it is important to select the right company to do the job. when you select us for your hard wood floor installation or refinishing job, you are choosing a professional that has access to the most current information in the industry, the most technologically advanced prefinished or unfinished hardwood floors and systems, and a wealth of hardwood information at our fingertips.
♦ No extra change for last minute projects!
♦ Standard wood floor installation is included in the price of "with-installation"hardwood flooring
♦ Custom wood floor installation prices vary according to wood types and pattern complexity
♦ The type of installation includs: nail down (staple down) solid hardwood floor, floating wood floor, glue down engineered wood floor

For more information about hardwood floor installation, please contact us

Custom Designs

♦ Hundreds of wood floor designs and wood varieties to choose from
♦ Create a one-of-a-kind wood floor design with a design consultant
♦ All wood floor designs are installed to customer specifications
♦ Perfect medallion and border for any room in your home or office brought to you by Zacks Home Improvement. You have found the perfect company for your new floors contact us today and start your wood floor sanding or installation today!

Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring info & Facts

The majority of people are more familiar with Laminate counter tops than with laminate flooring. Particularly in North America, several manufacturers' names have come to be commonly known to members of the average household. The manufacturer Formica is one good example. Actually, many people make reference to their counters as "Formica" counter tops. That is because these people are unaware of the fact that this is not a "type" of counter top, but rather just a manufacturer of a specific kind of surface. Our growing technology has come to evolve in such a way that it enables us to now make floor coverings fundamentally out of the same material.

Floor Buffing or Recoating

Need a way to make those hardwood floors shine again?  Bring them back to life with the hardwood buff and re-coat procedure. The screen and coat procedure restores the beauty of your floors without completely refinishing them.  This allows you to achieve maximum results at a lower cost, using less time.

Prolong the Life of Your Floor

Using this procedure frequently will prolong the quality of your hardwood floors, and can help you avoid a complete refinishing later. Screening prepares already finished floors to accept another coat of finish. Without the screening process any new finishes are very likely to peel off. This procedure will be most beneficial for floors with minor scratches or slightly worn surfaces. Light scratches in the surface will be taken away while those that are deeper into the finish might not be removed. This process usually takes just one coat and may also be referred to as top coating or buff.

Know the History

When deciding on the right procedure it is important to know the history of your floors. If your floors are relatively new, it's a good plan to begin keeping track of the cleaning methods used to refer back to later. This is necessary since certain cleaners and waxes previously used will conflict with this process, and possibly with others. Waxed hardwood floors cannot be screened or re-coated until the wax is entirely removed from the surface. It is a good idea to always use the cleaners recommended by the manufacturer, or search for the leading makers of topical, hardwood floor products. Using the correct substances to clean a hardwood floor can make all the difference.  Some commercial products such as Murphy's Oil leave behind a residue that does not allow for re-coating-- since a new layer of finish can not cohere with the wood. Use either a vinegar and water solution or a suitable wood floor cleaner.

Residential and Commercial Concrete Services

From parking lots to patios, our concrete contractors provide you a plethora of residential and commercial concrete services. With a resolute commitment to your satisfaction and our own craftsmanship, all concrete services are performed to ensure longstanding durability and aesthetic appeal. Review our residential and commercial concrete services below and please do not hesitate to contact us if your requirement is not

Residential concrete work

♦ Breakouts
♦ Car Stops
♦ Concrete Barriers
♦ Concrete Coverts
♦ Coating
♦ Curbs
♦ Driveways
♦ Fork Lift Ramps
♦ Foundations
♦ Gutters
♦ Handicap Ramps

Commercial Concrete Workmmercial Concrete Work

♦ Loading Docks
♦ Parking Lots
♦ Patios
♦ Paving
♦ Pothole Repair
♦ Retaining Walls
♦ Saw Cutting
♦ Sidewalks
♦ Steps
♦ Tilt Walls


Bathroom Remodeling - Relax, Refresh, Renew

If you're building or remodeling your home, the bathroom is one space you can't afford to overlook. Bearing in mind how much time you spend in this room, you absolutely want that space to be practical and functional but also a nice place for relaxation if you choose to do so.  While making a decision about bathroom renovations, remember that in most recent years homeowners were able to recoup approximately 85% of their costs upon sale of their home.

With Zack's Home Improvement, we will work with you to create the bath of your dreams.

Things to think about when you are deciding on a bathroom remodel.
How many people will be using the bathroom?
If a family shares one bathroom it may be a good idea to have a separate area for the toilet and shower so that someone can be showering while another person uses the mirror and vanity.
Do you wish to keep the same layout of the bathroom?
In this case we advise to purchase items that are about the same size and shape as the existing dated ones.
Tub, shower, toilet, sink?
You need to decide if you would like to keep the standard tub/toilet/sink originally installed or you will go for a new whirlpool tub, a new toilet with pressure-assisted flush mechanisms or just a new water-saver toilet, an under-mount sink. And don't forget think about the color.
Tiling a bathroom can create a clean and tidy environment, which is easily maintained. There are many different approaches you can take to tiling your bathroom, from simple measures of splash backs against the bath, sink and shower, to part or full tiles. There are wide ranges of tile sizes and designs, along with a variety of colored grout that can add a different feel to the total look of your bathroom. 
Counter top?
There are different options that you can choose from: Granite, Formica, Marble top or Tiles.
Do you want task lighting at every functional area or general lighting throughout the bathroom?
your family bathroom can accumulate a large amount of clutter. Whether wishing to store cleaning materials, medicines, children's bathroom toys or your toiletries, there are various options available to you. A medicine cabinet that can be locked is an ideal storage item for these child-free items, whilst a bathroom vanity cabinet can hide many of the bathroom toiletries.
in the majority of bathrooms, we have windows, which allow for natural ventilation, however where there is no ventilation we need to install an exhaust fan.

And don't forget about the nice things to have: fog free mirrors, a warming bathroom floor and warming towel rods.
Please remember to make arrangements for an extra facility to use while the bathroom remodeling is in progress.


Kitchen Remodeling

A beautiful kitchen is the heart of any home even for those who don't like to spend their time around the oven. With kitchen increasingly becoming the center of social and functional family activities, kitchen remodeling has become one of the most desirable home improvement projects for many homeowners. A new kitchen increases the value of your home and makes your life easier. Almost every kitchen has a design flaw or something that can be changed to make the space more workable and enjoyable.

What affects kitchen costs?
The products and materials you choose will have the greatest impact on your new kitchen's price tag. Cabinets typically account for half the cost. Installation and labor costs take up the next biggest chunk-about 16 percent-followed by the costs of other major design elements.

So what then affects the cost of the products and materials?
Cabinets: Manufacturer choice; construction quality; materials; interior storage accessories; door style and finish; quantity; difficulty of installation.
Appliances: Features; style.
Countertops: Quality and type of material; difficulty of installation; edge treatment material and design; backsplash material and design. Granite is an excellent choice for countertops. Granite is available in polished and matte finishes. While granite may be more expensive than some other materials, its longevity adds immeasurable value.

Advantages of Granite CounterTops
♦ Scratch resistant.
♦ Hot plates can be placed directly on the surface.
♦ Durable.
♦ Natural product.
♦ Wide selection of colors.
♦ Beauty, beauty, beauty.

Disadvantages of Granite CounterTops
♦ Requires proper sealing to prevent staining.
♦ Expensive.

Flooring: Quality and type of material; difficulty of installation.
Sinks & Faucets: Sinks-material; size and number of basins; special colors.Faucets-interior materials; finish; spout style; accessories.


When you first look at an unfinished basement it can be difficult to see the many possibilities for creating wonderful living space for your family and your home. At first glance, a basement offers a huge amount of indeterminate space that is rough, bare, and empty. On the one hand, it has limitless potential, and it offers enough space for everything you can imagine. On the other hand, however, all that unfinished space can make it hard to envision what your basement can look like when you finish remodeling it. There are many ways to approach a basement remodeling project. The entire area can be left open, or it can be divided into rooms. It can be elegantly finished or it can be given a rustic design. The only limits are the boundaries of your imagination.

Let Zacks Home Improvement help you with the design and building procedures of your project. With years of experience we have finished numerous of basements in NY and NJ and look forward to helping you with your basement finishing project.

Some things to consider before finishing your basement include:
Ceiling height
You will probably encounter visible duct work and/or a low ceiling level. You can decide to either live with a lower ceiling or you can frame boxes around the duct work and have the rest of the ceiling higher. You can also move the duct work, but that is an expensive job.
A dampness problem in a finished basement can open the door to all kinds of problems. The dampness will make the area feel cooler or warmer. But more important, the dampness will breed mold and mildew. So the first step in finishing a basement is to correct any dampness problems and then seal the floor and walls carefully.
Concrete floors
Concrete floors may be hard on your back, legs or feet if you plan activities that require prolonged standing. Choosing floor covering can take a little more time and effort than for other rooms. First, attend to potential dampness.
If you have a "sunlight basement" (meaning that at least one wall is above ground and has windows to let in sunlight), providing light for part of the area will be much easier. In areas without windows, you will need to really pay attention to lighting. Choosing energy-efficient fixtures and light bulbs will help to protect the environment and save you money.


There is nothing more natural than wood. Wood decking is a beautiful way to create a patio area for your home. It is relatively inexpensive, takes a very short time to construct, requires little maintenance and gives more value to  your home. It is also hard wearing and extremely versatile, the only real constraint on the design is your imagination.
We are specialists in building decks . All our decks are individually designed by us to meet your specific needs. We have almost 17 years of experience in the construction and carpentry business.

Most of our decks are built from pressure treated or composite wood. Composite decking is a revolutionary non slip alternative to the traditional pressure treated decking it doesn't rot, warp or splinter - and never needs staining or sealing. Easy to install and easier to maintain, composite decking offers you a great look that will last you decades. Made from reclaimed wood fibers and pure polymer resins,  composite decking looks like new year after year.

A well designed deck can change the way you feel about your property.

Get your Free Estimate
We are more than happy to give advice on which decking solution is most suitable for your needs, depending on your garden design and your cost restrictions. Contact us to discuss the various decking options available for your home. As always, our advice is free!